I am not sure what to write today.

Life is hard.

My life has done a complete 360 and there is no turning back. I’ve lost so many things. And it’s all my fault.

I’ve became more disconnected from reality than ever. This life is a joke. We are born to live a controlled, disorganized life being told what to do 24/7. Then we die.

We are constantly preparing to die. From when we are young we are told to save money for retirement, so that we can live when were old. We are told we need to know what we want to do for a career or else we will never go anywhere. It is a continuous preparation for the next step in our lives, which is eventually death.

“Yolo” and “living in the moment” are not ways to live either. It’s balance, but there is way too much pressure on society to be something, to DO something ALL the time.

This may be the most depressing post I have ever written, but I’ve learned so many things in the last year and grown up so much. I’ve been learning who I am and what I like. That is the most difficult thing about life. You can be anything you want but because you were put in a certain sport or activity when you are younger, THAT is who you become. It doesn’t necessarily mean you like it, but you do it everyday.

I hate that we are trained.

Have a great day loves. XO


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